Roles in the Platform

 The platform ‘user management’ section allows administrators to define access and permissions for users. Each user can be assigned one or more of the following 4 roles:

1. Admin

Admins are key players in our platform's management, with the authority to manage user access and assign roles. Admins can only be registered through the admin registration page (currently can only be done by Roseman Labs). The permissions include:

  • Inviting users to the environment.
  • Assigning roles to users.
  • Sending requests to requestees/data providers for data.

During the initialization phase, the first admin added to the environment becomes the primary admin and holds unique responsibilities compared to other admins (only for this phase). In addition to all the functions of an Admin, the Primary Admin is responsible for:

  • Selecting and inviting the approvers (have the authority to approve analyses).

There can only ever be 1 primary admin and after initialization the approvers decided by the primary admin become fixed. 

2. Data Provider

Data Providers are users that can upload datasets to the environment such that they can be used in analyses. Their permissions include:

  • Uploading of datasets to the platform.
  • Uploading datasets to a request (only if it meets the data specifications - if required)

3. Analyst

Analysts can design and execute analyses (with approval). Their permissions include:

  • Submitting their analyses for approval by the designated approvers.
  • Sending requests to requestees/data providers for data.

4. Approvers

Approvers play a critical role in ensuring that only specific queries can be executed. The approvers invited during the system's initialization become permanent once the initialization setup is completed (currently). Their permissions involve:

  • Reviewing and approving analyses using their unique keys.

5. Requestees

Requestees are essentially a sub-role of data provider. They can only upload data to requests and cannot upload data ad-hoc to the data source overview (like data providers can). Their permissions involve:

  • Uploading datasets to a request (only if it meets the data specifications - if required)


Understanding the roles (and the permissions they entail) allows roles to be correctly assigned, ensuring seamless collaboration within the platform. Hopefully this has allowed you to gain a better understanding of each user's permissions.

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